XPDC Mt. Yong Yap

Yong Yap Peak

Mount Yong Yap in Pos Brook,Kelantan is one of the higher mountains in the peninsula but can be climbed in three days.

To get to the starting point, you can either hire 4WD or by walking. You may also need to hire guides from nearest village.

The trek up this mountain is very steep at many parts. Climbers will go through Bukit Sarawak, LP, Taman Orkid and many more.

The peak is rather big and offers magnificent views of Mount Korbu, Mount Yong Belar as well as Mount Brinchang.

Date : 9-11 October 2009
Place : Pos Brook,Kelantan(near to Cameron Highlands)
Fee : Below Rm80
Due Date :

Please refer to INFO YY for further info.

Tentative :


11.59 pm
-Depart to Cameron Highlands by car pool
-Arrive at Pos Brook and rest

-Photography session
-8am, get to starting point via Sungai Belatop using 4WD
-Start climbing to Kem Agas
-Sembang2 session around 9pm

-Start climbing to the peak,daytrip
-Photography session
-Return to Kem Agas and packing bag
-Climb down to starting point
-CH tea tarik session,then go back to KL

Interested?? Contact 013-2565825 or YM-azimxafif@yahoo.com or email-azimxafif13@gmail.com

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